Testimonials From Our Clients

Omatic Software needed to rapidly expand their on-premise solutions to offer additional cloud based options. Given their extensive, successful, history they wanted to work through modern strategies for new architecture, choice of cloud vendor, and how their processes could best change to support their technical choices.

Symphonia led them through these critical subjects, explaining the benefits of a Serverless approach, and building confidence in DevOps-as-culture values and techniques.

Mike worked with our team to guide us through the process of evaluating a serverless approach. He provided knowledge and feedback in platform selection, “best practices” and building a culture to support and embrace change. Mike’s expertise continues to provide value in all stages of our process

Shane Norris, Director of Product Development

SingleStone are a Cloud and DevOps technology leader, providing a portfolio of services to their clients. They wanted to ensure their teams were up-to-speed with the very latest trends in Serverless technology.

How to do this? A Masterclass from Symphonia, drilling into architecture, Serverless Continuous Delivery, and the array of new AWS Serverless services.

Our Expertise and Services

Symphonia is an expert Serverless and Cloud technology consultancy based in New York City. As experienced technology executives and engineering leaders, we help companies of all sizes and industries focus on delivering business value at scale through Serverless technology.

Executive Partnering

Helping you answer questions like:

  • Is Serverless right for your business?
  • How does Serverless affect your overall cloud strategy?
  • What is the impact of Serverless on your teams and architecture?
  • How should you consider different Cloud vendors?

Serverless and Cloud Architecture

  • Architectural review of existing systems
  • Green-field / new system design
  • Prototype / proof-of-concept selection


  • Infrastructure cost optimization
  • Technology fit evaluation

Delivery Acceleration

  • Hands-on collaboration to level-up teams
  • Coaching and guidance for process and culture
  • Expertise to boost pressing projects

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